Our mission for change

Two Farmers is the UK’s first 100% compostable & Plastic Free crisp brand. As farmers, our mission is to work hand in hand with nature. We are proud to be making the change that is needed to protect our countryside for generations to come. Our aim is to close the loop with our sustainable production methods and compostable packets that will return to the earth in just 6 months.

How to compost your packet

Either put it on your home compost or put in your local council food bin (check locally). 


What is compostable packaging?
It is biodegradable packaging that breaks down under specific composting conditions.

What is the packet made from?
Our compostable packaging is derived from sustainable eucalyptus pulp, plant-based foil and biodegradable ink.

What does the packet break down into?
Our packets break down into water, carbon dioxide and biomass. Once turned into compost it can be used to improve your soil.

Our Accreditations

Useful Resources

WRAP’s vision is a world in which resources are used sustainably.

Love Food Hate Waste
Half of the food we throw away can be eaten, keeping it out of the bin is good for our pockets and the planet combined.

A Plastic Planet
APP is now an army of like-minded passionate people, experts in all relevant fields, standing up for the public who want the choice to buy plastic-free.

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