A Look Back on our 2021 Potato Harvest

A Look Back on our 2021 Potato Harvest

Here at the farm, harvest time is a firm favourite of ours! However, as we head through Autumn, we find ourselves at the end of this year’s harvest with our potatoes all tucked away in the warm.

Our potatoes were planted earlier this year in our Herefordshire fields, and we’ve been patiently waiting and nurturing them ever since. 

We grow three varieties on the farm – Lady Claire, Lady Rosetta and Taurus! Top harvest tip – if you are looking to grow your own potatoes, we advise keeping an eye out for when your potato plants have flowered, and the stems of the plants begin to dry. Then, beneath the soil, your homegrown potatoes will be ready!

It’s all hands on deck at the farm during harvest season, with early starts and late finishes, mother nature keeping us on our toes, and everybody mucks in. The potato harvest is hard work, but there’s nothing more rewarding than a trailer full of our delicious spuds, and they don’t have far to go!

Once harvested, the potatoes are graded, stored, sliced, and fried here on the farm in Herefordshire; this keeps road miles low. Sustainability and minimising the impact on the planet is extremely important for our Two Farmers. 

Our potatoes are all hand-fried in small batches to ensure maximum quality and taste, with eye-catching golden colour and that distinct crunch. We can’t wait for you to try the crisps from this year’s harvest!

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