Two Farmers' Guide for a Boxing Day Feast

Two Farmers’ Guide for a Boxing Day Feast

This festive blog will liberate your compost bin, give you delicious Boxing Day feasting ideas and make the most of any leftovers.

Our Two Farmers, Mark and Sean, share their guide to the ultimate Boxing Day feast. From bubble and squeak to turkey pie, you’ll be hungry by the end of this one.


Bubble and Squeak
There’s no better way to use up your leftover vegetables, then in a bubble and squeak! A tasty dish that turns any festive veg into a beautiful warming breakfast, lunch or dinner.


We always try to source our meat for the big day from a local butcher; something about supporting a local business makes it that bit tastier. Although turkey is the traditional Christmas meat, we always have a ham too – whether it’s for the big day or those slow days over the Christmas period. Ham is very versatile; put it in a sandwich or pair it with bubble and squeak, however you choose to dress it – it’s always delicious!


Now nothing says Boxing Day like a leftover sandwich. Whether it’s turkey, ham, or a slab of cheese, pair it with a chutney and two thick slices of crusty bread – you just can’t beat it!


Copious amounts of cheese is just a must at this time of year. We enjoy a cheese board on Christmas Day, so any leftovers pair perfectly with crackers the following day, or taste delicious in mushroom and stilton pots.


Now, what’s cheese without chutney right? A delicious relish that instantly elevates your crackers. Head to a local farmers market and pick up a local handmade chutney this year; you won’t be disappointed.


Handfuls of our delicious hand-cooked crisp are a Boxing Day essential. A cheeky few mid-morning to a scattering at lunch – soon it’s time to grab a sharing bag and settle down to watch a film, although just because it’s called a sharing bag, doesn’t mean you have to share!


Turkey and Ham Pie
In our eyes, there’s no better way to enjoy festive leftovers than wrapped in a blanket of warm crusty pastry – as a pie! It’s easy to overestimate the amount of food we need on Christmas Day, so if your fridge is brimming with tasty turkey and ham, this is just the thing! If you have any stuffing left, pop that in too for a delicious herby flavour!


All of these Boxing Day grazers go down that bit nicer when washed down with an aperitif! It’s always a crisp local cider or a warming sloe gin for us.

No Boxing Day is complete without a brisk country walk, the cold air working off those full bellies! For us, it’s a whole family affair, dogs and all. We can enjoy our beautiful surroundings and feel grateful for this marvellous time together!

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