Tudge Meats

Tudge Meats

Staying true to our roots, we’ve worked closely with family-run Herefordshire meat business, Tudges, to perfect our new flavour – Herefordshire Sausage and Mustard.

The Tudge family has been rearing Berkshire pigs for over 20 years and is well-known across Herefordshire and its neighbouring counties. Championing low food miles, high quality products, and a commitment to sustainable production, they couldn’t be a better fit for Two Farmers! Read on to find out more about how they got started…

The Tudge family has been farming in the Ludlow area of Herefordshire for four generations. Originally dairy farmers, the Tudges were well-known for their milk round from the 1940s onwards. The dairy herd was sold in 1989 and the family continued with beef cattle, sheep, crops and potatoes.

It was in 1996, when the family saw the opportunity to diversify into the rearing of Berkshire pigs. The area of Ludlow was increasing in popularity and becoming well-known for good food, and soon had more Michelin-starred restaurants than any other UK town outside London. For the Tudge family, it was a conversation with Michelin chef, Shaun Hill, which initiated the idea that there was a clear gap in the market for locally produced, good quality, rare breed pork. With that, seven Berkshire weaners were purchased and this was the beginning of Tudge Meats.

Sales for Tudge Meats were initially exclusive to pubs, restaurants, butchers and village shops. Selling direct to the consumer developed several years later as opportunities to attend farmers’ markets across Herefordshire and food festivals across the region grew.

Fast forward 24 years, Tudge Meats now supplies restaurants both locally and nationally and has built a local reputation for selling some of the best sausages around!

At Two Farmers, we always knew that if we were to develop a new meat flavour for our crisps, especially a sausage one, then it would be Tudges who we’d want to work with. The pigs are free to roam outside, dig around and wallow in the mud – and this is reflected in the taste. The Berkshire meat is tender, and although the pigs carry more fat than commercial breeds, this adds to the flavour.

The Tudges attend farmers’ markets in Hereford, Leominster, Malvern and Abergavenny, and also sell via several village shops in North Herefordshire. Find a list of all their local delivery points on their website.

Our NEW Herefordshire Sausage and Mustard crisps are now available in 40g bags, 150g bags and are also included in our mixed boxes. Click here to find your nearest stockist.

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