New packaging innovation brings extended shelf life for Two Farmers crisps

New packaging innovation brings extended shelf life for Two Farmers crisps

This month, Two Farmers crisps will be rolling out its new, next-generation plastic-free packet, which ensures a longer-lasting crunch and increases the shelf life for its crisp-loving consumers.

In 2018, Two Farmers launched the UK’s first 100% compostable and plastic-free crisp packet for its premium Herefordshire hand-cooked crisp brand. Achieving a packaging solution that its market competitors said couldn’t be achieved.

As with all innovators, the journey hasn’t been without its trials and the issue of shelf life has been a hurdle the brand has looked to overcome with their current packaging film. In 2020, the team continued R&D with sustainable packaging specialists Parkside UK. As a result, they have now achieved a film that should significantly extend the shelf life of the product. The new method of production removes the original paper layer from the packet and instead has three layers of cellulose as opposed to the two layers on the previous packets. The addition of this extra layer of cellulose means that there’s a second barrier layer within the packet and as a result strengthens the packaging and the quality of the product.

This change also extends the time it takes for the packets to decompose at home to between 26 and 38 weeks. With test criteria for home compost accreditation 26 weeks, the new packs are accredited for industrial compostability instead, however, they continue to be home compostable in a composting unit or on a compost heap.

Sean Mason comments “As an innovator, we have always known that being the first would not be without its challenges. With this change, we look to provide retailers with a sustainable, plastic-free crisp brand that also meets their shelf life needs and ensures the freshness of our crisps. We are sure that this new film will deliver that, whilst still ensuring that the packets remain compostable in a home environment, just with a slightly longer wait.”

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