Percol x Two Farmers: A match made in compostable heaven

Percol x Two Farmers: A match made in compostable heaven

You wouldn’t naturally think to pair crisps with coffee, but Percol and Two Farmers have one very important thing in common. Our pioneering brands have both pulled off a UK first with the launch of home compostable packaging across their product ranges, providing consumers with a sustainable alternative for two of Britain’s best-loved pleasures.

Percol is on a mission to be the most ethical and sustainable coffee brand. As the first ground coffee to bear the Fairtrade mark, and a pioneer in using single-origin beans, the company is now on a mission to make all its packaging reusable, easily recyclable or home compostable by the end of 2019.

But what’s the story for coffee? The sad truth is that 100 million non-recyclable, plastic-lined coffee packs are produced and used each year in the industry. However, nearly half (48%) of Brits are unaware coffee packs commonly contain plastic! So, last year – ethical coffee brand Percol launched its fully plastic-free certified and home compostable coffee packs, becoming the first coffee company to receive A Plastic Planet’s official Plastic Free Trust Mark.

And now, they’ve just introduced the same home compostable packaging for their range of coffee bags, bringing the brand to over 50% of its product range sporting this mark!

To celebrate we are offering you the chance to WIN a lovely bundle of Percol and Two Farmers goodies and even better we have included two fantastic plastic-free reusable and durable bottles from One Green Bottle so that you can enjoy your coffee anywhere.

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